How NFTs are changing the world of football

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The most precious card number is that of Victor Osmeen: the 2.0 card of the Napoli striker has reached the value of 30 thousand euros. He is followed by Roma midfielder Nicola Zaniolo, who is worth over € 22,000 and is second in the standings. In third place the Inter defender Alessandro Bastoni, who is worth 18,872 euros. Below: the card of the Inter striker Lautaro Martinez is worth 13,659 euros, while the card of the other Inter striker Ivan Perisic is worth over 9,000 euros.

Here is a “top five” of the most expensive NFT cards for Serie A footballers designed by Sorare, one of the most funded startups in Europe, which allows you to play fantasy football using blockchain technology. A revolution in the world of football, with record match times, more than 5,000 active players and 11 league teams that have appeared on the platform and that have also taken hold in Italy.

The growth of sports and NFTs is also confirmed by new research from Nielsen Sports Fan Insights, which analyzes the spread of fan tokens and NFTs in the sports sector. The research shows a growing trend in the knowledge and use of tokens in the sports sector, both among enthusiasts and among companies operating in the sector: 25% of the population is aware of crypto tokens related to sport, but the percentage rises if you consider fans and supporters, it’s 32%. Not only that: 10% of sports fans are interested in buying crypto tokens to support their favorite team, league or player, while 8% would do so to participate in the daily activities of the team or champion in their heart.

According to Nielsen, the numbers correspond to “crazy” growth. For example, if we look at football, a sport that has been greatly affected by the pandemic, this definition is more true than ever. Behind closed doors, a saturated TV rights market and hard-to-take commercial revenues have effectively disrupted the traditional football model: Europe’s top clubs have lost an average of around £ 55m in turnover compared to last season’s 2018/19 season. But the ball remains the favorite sport of our compatriots: according to Istat, about 4.5 million Italians choose to play in Italy, while more than 20 million fans.