Buying a property in the Metaverse: the ELIMOBILE example

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Living in the Metaverse is now a reality for many lovers of the virtual world. In this 3D space where you interact via avatars you can buy anything, just like in the real world, so you can also buy a house. How? For example with Elimobile

Fans of the virtual world in 3D who live with their avatar in the Metaverse know that it is a place that is in all respects similar to the real world and tangible. There are spaces to visit, people to know and goods to buy using your avatar. And speaking of real estate, those most interested in interacting with a certain consistency in virtual reality have already asked themselves this question: how to buy a house in the Metaverse? Let’s see the example of Elimobile.

How to buy a property in the Metaverse

In the Metaverse anyone can buy a property, which becomes fully owned through a digital act that verifies ownership. For the actual purchase, given that while operating in a virtual world, a sum of money must still be paid, we make use of the so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT) or digital currencies.

But how to get the tokens? The easiest way to get cryptocurrency is to exchange real money through one of the many exchange portals. Then there is Elimobile, a virtual mobile network operator born from an idea of ​​Mario Colabufo and Gianluca Vacchi. It is the first telecom company that is part of the Elite project to allow the use of crypto tokens and NFTs created by celebrities for payment.

So Elimobile integrates the world of Blockchain with that of telephony, introducing its own cryptocurrency called Elite Token on the market. This is the digital currency accessible through Polygon (platform based on the blockchain) with which you can also buy experiences and masterclasses within the dedicated Elisium app.

In a nutshell, to summarize, let’s say that to finalize the purchase of a house in the virtual world, the first step is to choose a platform where land and houses are sold in the Metaverse. Then, through your avatar you can evaluate which real estate is right for you, so you can view all the real estate that you like best by making an appointment, just like you would normally do in the real world.

At that point you can decide whether to buy the house through your reference token, after filling the virtual wallet with digital currency. Once you become the owner, and everything is verified through the Blockchain, you can also rent the apartment, just like in the real world.